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Gentlemen, I have the perfect item for those of you with generators to show on a rally field. You could be the envy of all who see it and one of the cleanest exhibitionists around. I have a washing machine to give away. Now before you all think I have flipped, this is no ordinary washing machine. It is about the size of a large saucepan. It even looks like a large saucepan. It is white enamel finish and has an electric motor in the lid. This powers a paddle inside the pan. The idea is that it can be placed on a cooker to boil and wash at the same time. I estimate it was made between the wars. There is no nameplate so no motor details but I know it's 110V. I am told it was made in USA. It even comes with it's own transformer. If you imagine the churn type milk coolers that can be seen at rallies, it's like that but smaller. Height and diameter are about 12". The only down side is that when it is assembled, the working bits are all inside the container and cannot be seen. Wonderfully guarded though. It was owned by my mother-in-law who says it's in working order and has washed many nappies. It was then used by my wife when she was in student digs. It would be a shame to let such a piece of history go to rubbish (the washer, not my wife).

John Trying not to sound like Del Boy

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