green goddess

I have a green goddess for sale, with 3500 miles showing, complete with full kit. any idea of its value

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aussie bongo

Two Goddesses were auctioned by BCA. Both 1956 models, very good refurbed condition, went for £2475


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Steve b

A grand or two, if you're lucky. There's plenty about and they're horrible, Sorry.

If you want a "collectible fire engine" you're better off with something '60s vintage that has spent the last few decades lurking around a large factory. The only good thing about a Goddess is the off-road 4WD. On-road the infamous lack of baffles in the water tank limits them to about 30mph (and that's scary enough on a corner)

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Andy Dingley


Any idea how many are now retained by UK Govt?

The last published records show 1098 on inventory. I know some have been sold off but no idea how many. Are they being slowly replaced by more modern machines and kept with the "Green Gilberts" at Marchington?

Thanks Ian

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