JAP2A flywheel magneto

Dear All.
Having gained the confidence to grind values I have started to de-coke and
grind the valves on a JAP2A engine. The manual says "remove the flywheel
using the special extractor tool". Can I do this without this tool please ?
In addition how do I time the engine once I remove the magneto - are there
timing marks?
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"kingsnavy" wrote in news:3fbf3c85 snipped-for-privacy@mk-nntp-1.news.uk.worldonline.com:
Ian, The JAP 2A manual I have describes undoing the bolt to remove the starter pulley, then drawing off the flywheel with a puller. If no puller is available the manual states that the flywheel should be "grasped firmly and then whilst attempting to pull it off, tapping the end of the crankshaft with a mallet or lead hammer" When re-timing the engine and no timing marks are visible: With the head removed and the flywheel loosely fitted (so it can spin round without turning the engine over), set the piston so it is 3/16" before TDC and rotate the flywheel until the contact breaker points are just starting to open. The flywheel should then be tightened and hopefully you will have a spark 3/16" BTDC.
Best Regards, Matt
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Matt Keeling

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