Lamport Hall

I have just spent a excellent weekend at Lamport Hall in the company of
Philip T-E and Len Gilling to name a few. Weather excellent, my Bedford got
me there and back without a hitch apart from a strong case of vapour lock
whilst shuffling outside my house this evening, I would publicly like to
thank Philip for the lone of his Digital Camera and SM Card as I had a
Senior moment on Sunday and left mine at home. Pictures will be in the usual
place tomorrow night.
Martin P
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I have to agree with Martin, an excellent weekend in convivial company :-) Len and I had a very nice meal at the Swan in Lamport on the Saturday evening. Last time we went it had turned into the pub of doom, quite the worst place I've ever been in, and we left unfed and beerless...... It is now under new ownership and has been completely revamped. If anyone is in the area, I can recommend it.
The Petter S ran flawlessly for both days, driving the Amanco No.3 pump, which people seem to find fascinating. Too much other stuff there to mention, but I did see a Fordson Major that had been converted to TS3 power. Nice. And the 600 hp Superscavenge engine on the low loader was eye catching. Its all complete as far as I could tell, but there are no plans to get it running again so I gather. Photos to follow when I get a round tuit.
Philip T-E
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