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Well Maplin let me down - micro drill sets out of stock - so I thought
again. Perhaps I could make a broach out of a pin or something? I raided
Helen's sewing box and found a needle which the digital verineers told me
was 0.69 mm in diameter. looking at it, I thought who am I kidding. I can't
cut teeth on that, anyway it would have to be a pusher rather than puller
and even without resorting to Euler's formula for the buckling of struts
(see, I do remember something from that failed engineering degree - just the
name you understand, not the formula), I could see that was a non starter.
Maybe I could use the needle as a lap - wrong way round I know, a lap is
supposed to be softer than the material to be worked. But anyway I chucked
the jet an mounted the needle in the tailstock, smearing it with polishing
paste. With a spindle speed of 1360 I advanced the needle, occasionally
withdrawing it to redistribute the past, and slowly, but slowly it began to
disappear into the jet. Well something was happening, either I was opening
out the jet or reducing the diameter of the needle! Once the parallel
portion of the needle was well into the jet, I got the verineers out again
and the diameter of the needle was unchanged - success!
Cleaned thoroughly and reassembled into carb - would the T300 now start ok
and run off choke? YES! Put that in your pipe and smoke it Mr £82 carb man
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Nick H
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There's not the slightest chance it was just bloked then !!!!!!!!!! :-))
Martin P
Nick H wrote:
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C> There's not the slightest chance it was just bloked then !!!!!!!!!! :- C> ))
C> Martin P
None, it was very thoroughly cleaned and anyway was clearly marked 50, when all the evidence points to needing a 70 (1/100 ths of a mm).
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Nice one , I can remember doing the opposite on a Russian motor cycle, a Dnieper 350 2 stroke. It was OK flat out but obviously hugely too rich, I rang the importers "Could they supply me with a leaner jet "? They could supply me with hundreds of jets but the numbers bore no relationship to the size of the hole, handy really. I decided to drill and tap the end of the jet cover 2BA and solder the end of a sewing needle into a 2BA screw. Some practice screwing in and out until the needle was in the jet just the right amount , and it ran perfectly. Steve the grease
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R. L. Driver
"R. L. Driver" wrote (snip):-
Yes, I was pretty chuffed. Thanks to all those on and off group who offered advice and information.
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Nick H
Proper incentive moving one to the right idea & good planning & proper knowledge of properties led to success! Job well done Nick, nice when it works, innit!
Kim Siddorn
"Nick H" wrote in message
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Kim Siddorn
"Kim Siddorn" wrote
Either that or necessity being the mother of invention ;-)
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Nick H

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