OT Pulse Jet

Well it's an engine and it's currently stationary....
I had a go at getting a dynajet pulse jet going today. I've been using a
stirrup track pump as the air supply and a bladder fuel tank to store and
supply the petrol. To ignite the fuel air mix my playmates heated the tail
pipe to cherry red while I pumped air through. There were a few encouraging
pops and a split second howl but no lasting joy.
We upped the air supply by using a compressor to deliver air but it had the
effect of cooling the tail pipe too much.
I do have a set of coils and trembler/ccircuit breaker thingy but didn't
want the hassle of having to find it and source a 12V battery.
I've seen pulse jets started by the heated tail pipe method before and I've
seen grown men reduced to tears trying to get their pulse jets on their
control line aeroplanes fired up using spark plugs and blow lamps at the
Nationals at barstone Heath.
Any tips folks?
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