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I have just acquired a very tidy little compressor, just the thing for
running a number of Stuart Turner steam models at an exhibition. The tank
says it is made in Spain and it may well be ten years old or so. There is a
complete dearth of manufacturers information anywhere on it, just a
"Clavair" sticky label on the steel cover.
It is very quiet in operation and I'd imagine that it is an airbrush
However ( you knew it was coming, didn't you? ;o)) ) it appears that a valve
is jammed as although the air is being delivered quickly enough to raise the
tank to a respectable 75psi, it does not turn itself off & there is a steady
draught of escaping air. Before I dive into it, I'd like to see what a
manual says.
Although I have spent a couple of hours this evening looking for it on
Google I have drawn a blank. Might anyone have any ideas?
Kim Siddorn
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Could it be that the cut off switch (if it has one) isn't working and the safety valve is lifting? Any pictures?
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What I want to know is why bother drawing blanks, Kim might as well drawn his own manual :-))
Martin P
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