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Nick Highfield & I concluded a deal on Friday in which he took over the Enfield sloper that had been sleeping the days away in my coalshed whilst I ran off with his Inglis generator, powered by an ABC Skootamota engine.

By the purest chance, I have an original Skootamota petrol/oil tank & this I shall attach to the genny in due course, lacking either as it does.

You can look at some photos here - first one by Nick.

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Kim Siddorn

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A most satisfactory exchange of toys - I've enjoyed owning the Inglis set for five years or so but couldn't really see myself doing anything with it, but it undoubtedly represents a bit of ABC history and as far as I'm concerned is now in the 'right place'.

Any info on VS1 Sloper welcome - were they exclusively for Stothert and Pitt gear for example, I've downloaded the spare parts book from IF but have not found a handbook on line though I have one for the twin which is pretty similar.


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Nick H

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