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Gentlemen, I don't know about you lot but I have had a hot but excellent day. My first trip to Dorset has meant that I have had to service and prepare the Caravan which was laid up for a year because I was given a temporary car and I won't spend money for a tow bar for a vehicle that I will only have for a year. this has also meant that to transport my engine etc to Dorset requires a pair of ramps to load said lump into the van, unfortunately the design of modern van and particularly mine means that the "Bumper" is not designed to support weight so I have had to be a little clever in my design. This involved the purchase of a pair of ex-military stretcher runners out of a Land Rover Ambulance which I have cut and welded so that eighteen inches of the ramp lay flat on the floor of the van and clear the bumper before they drop to the ground. I also intend screwing some small plates to the wooden floor so that I can peg the ramps into predrilled holes to stop movement. I have one other job and that is to modify a pair of surplus axle stands to support the ramps midway as added protection and they are made from 4mm folded section which when in place support a twenty one stone man(me) but better safe than sorry.

Martin P

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I'll have to think about something for the new van as well, the present loose timbers out of the back are really a bit sloppy, and we use them a lot for the mobile chargers etc.

Watched the 4th day of the cricket, great game, rather relaxing to just sit and watch rather than lugging stuff round the workshop as I try and do on Sundays.

No2 son decided to drain and clean out the big 2ton fish tank tonight (Fish have departed to greater things) so we had to haul buckets of gravel out of the bottom in a bucket-brigade form, bl**dy hard work lifting a full bucket up 4ft out of the tank and then outside to a drainage container. The tank top is about

6ft or so above the floor, so 'tweren't too easy.

Bought a few goodies on ebay this weekend, seem to be up against a mad Frenchman with bottomless pockets who is buying up all the antique lab style equipment he can find. We worked it out that last month he spent £1969.00 without carriage charges for 51 auctions, and he has got another load running today.

We are up against it a bit this month with a lot of work and skeleton staff due to the holidays, so playtime will be curtailed... :-((


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Peter A Forbes

In between the splendid cricket I collected together all my dead mags. 11 in total and even at the very reasonable figure quoted for a straight rewind still too much to swallow in one :-( ...engage scrounge mode...... However I am in need of a few bits to complete the mags (all of which belong to rusty Petters :-). Can anyone spare any of the following please: points covers, 2 for T-B AC1. one for late BTH M1 AF4 and one for Bosch Z sized Hills rotary. LH points carriers and springs for any of the above. Pickups for T-B AC1 and BTH M1. Would consider whole or part mags live or dead of any of the above types.


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Roland and Celia Craven

I've been slaving in front of an open window today, giving my typing finger some keyboard exercise.My book is going to a reprint, so I'm taking the opportunity to revise some of the text, add about 3,000 words, change some drawings for photos and generally dot a few tees and cross a few eyes. This all needs to actually be *done* and whilst the words are easy, sorting out the photos is always a swine.

Still, more or less done now & off to my publishers (I love saying that!) on Tuesday.

When the Sun swung round into my face, I pottered off into the workshop for a while.I finished cleaning up the Cussons Stirling cycle engine I had from Nick and had an initial look at the ex-GPO pump I got from Paul. It's an Edwards Pump and Engine Co 75 PAD and needs a seal on the end of the mainshaft. As far as I can see it's otherwise OK & complete. A quick shufty at the Net turned up any number of seal suppliers - all I have to do is to decide which one mine is!

Before I came back upstairs to the office, I finished reassembling the restored and repainted Air Ministry 24 volt dynamo that Nick gave me for my spare ABC.

Another job jobbed ;o))


Kim Siddorn, Regia Anglorum

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J K Siddorn

I'm pleased to have contributed so much to your weekend's tinkering Kim :-)

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Nick H

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