Pewter casting

A friend of mine is an expert in centrifugally cast lead-free pewter - he
makes a lot of cheap Anglo-Saxon & Viking jewellery. If anyone needed
something cast up (carb bits spring to mind, for instance) he might well be
able to help. He doesn't work for free, but is a very reasonable man.
Off list replies if interested, please, & I'll pass you along.
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Kim Siddorn
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A pewter carb! Now that would be well bling! (in the unfortunate manner of yer modern yoof and as translated by my modern yoof of a daughter).
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Mark, never thought I would here the word bling associated with engines. Good on yer m8, as my son would say ;-)
Cheers, MartinH
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martin hirst
Thanks! But I promise to never use the word again! :)
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Bling, isn't that a old style phone with a lisp.
Martin P
snipped-for-privacy@uk> A pewter carb! Now that would be well bling! (in the unfortunate
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In article , writes
Requires an elucidatory statement!
Any relation to bling crossley, the chromer
Many Thanks.
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