Am I missing something?


Am I missing the point here? Ebay item 6560984982 now closed. A nice thing, but surely not nearly-100-quid-nice?


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Dan Howden
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I wouldn't like to comment :-) I was watching it too. So many of that sort of thing come up that I wonder how old they are? ttfn Roland

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Roland Craven

Hi Guys,how about giving us the full address to see the item instead of us having to find the correct Ebay site to insert the Ebay number. It probably takes a minute for each of to sort out the address.

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Dave Croft

Could be a one off response, there were a number of bidders - it might be rare for all I know.

I advertised & sold a RRHT book on E-bay, I'd bought a duplicate in error & sold it on. I was pleasantly surprised to get three times the purchase price. I obviously started a fashion, because there followed a number of adverts of identical works, none of which achieved much more than the original price. I was just fortunate to find the one that REALLY wanted it! Once that person was out of the picture, the price reverted to a more reasonable figure.


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Kim Siddorn

You can put the ebay number into the search box on any of the ebay sites, Dave, and it will come up.


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Peter A Forbes

As I think I have said before, it`s the same with everything. An items only worth what someones willing to pay. Obviously the winning bidder was willing to pay more than anyone else!!!!!

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martin hirst

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