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Thought you all might like to take a look, the pics are on one of my sites
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I put two chisels opposite each other in the gap between the head and the hub of the flywheel. The ends of which were pointing together like this >< but one on top of the other if you know what I mean, so when they are pushed together they expand and hopefully push the key out.
I did that, and the head of one chisel was on the floor and the other up in the air, I put a vice on there clamping them to the crankshaft, then I hit the head of the top chisel as hard as I could with a sledgehammer. After about 3 hits it came out.
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Chris Crocker - White
Gentlemen, My father in law worked as an agricultural engineer and spent a lot of his time working on engines and pumps in wells, when he retired he passed all of his tools to me, some hand made by him. Among his tools were various sizes of punch except these are curved for putting behind a key on a flywheel and hitting with a hammer. I have used them and they do work well.
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Thanks both. I have in fact tried both these methods (Chris, that's how the key head came off in the first place :-)), replacing the key head with a blob of stick from my trusty arc welder, but to no avail :-( The curved 'punch' did a great job on the CS 6/1 keys but just pulled the head off the D key again (twice, in fact).
I have had WD40 on it for over a year. I will try heating the flywheel boss up to about 200 - 250 Centigrade in the hope of breaking the stiction and take one more whack at it, after that, it's the drill and the 14" puller :-)
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