Re: Identifying Brass, Bronze

There's also a US military FM (field manual) available on-line

> somewhere which is an excellent field guide to identifying scrap > metal.

It's called "The Waste Book" but I can't find it now. ISTR that I got the reference from this NG some time ago


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On the chip test - one caution - leaded bronze looks and machines more like brass, phosphor bronze is darker in colour and produces the strings of swarf which turn nearly black with the heat if the tool is not sharp or set incorrectly..

Different bronzes for different purposes, and we too often refer to bronze as if it were a single alloy - PB is extremely tough and should be used with hardened shafts or only for low duty applications with soft steel. LB is significantly softer and is OK for mild steel shafts - much more at home in the vintage restorer's workshop than PB in my opinion.

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