Slightly OT - help reqd to identify tooling

Given the collective wisdom on this list I am hopeful that someone might
be able to help here..
I have been given a boxed set of equipment manufactured by the "Coventry
Gauge & Tool Co" and marked "Matrix". I am aware of some company history
and understand that "Matrix" was the name used after take-over.
The equipment consists of a base similar to that used on height gauges
but this has no column - just a slot with a highly polished centre piece
- it is marked "1 inch".
There are six columns all approximately one and quarter by five eighths
section and varying in length from two and a half to fourteen inches.
These columns are open frames made of steel section mounted onto end
The three shorter ones have an adjusting screw at one end giving around
one and a half inches adjustment to a sliding block within the framework
of the column.
The three longer columns have the same adjustable block, but the
adjusting screw is mounted in fixture that can slide and be locked along
the length of the framework. The columns slot into the base but there
appears to be no means of locking it into place.
There is also, in the box, a number of other items. Two of what looks
like the "finger" of a height gauge - approx four inches long. One
similar but a knife edged piece and only two inches long. There is also
a number of items about three eighths section and one and a half inches
long. Each item has a differently shaped end to it - half rounds,
circular, pointed - and all very highly finished.
I think the set is complete and comprises sixteen pieces in all in a
fitted wooden box.
I think it might be some sort of adjustable measuring device - possibly
similar to a height gauge - but cannot work out how it all goes
The chap that gave the box to me doesn't know either - beyond it used to
be used within Vickers engineering.
If anyone has any ideas, or knows what it was used for (and how to use
it) or has access to an older "Coventry" catalogue then any and all help
will be appreciated.
Photos could be supplied if needed.
I am going to post this to the model engineering lists also.
Thanks in anticipation.
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Pat Martindale
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Hi Pat. What you have there is an accessory set for slip gauges. I have several old texts on workshop practice around somewhere. I'll have a look through and see what I can find out about using joey blocks and their accessories... Cheers, scruff.
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