Xmas Greetings

We finally got away from the factory at 5pm, and I have a very nice bottle of De Kuyper's Cherry Brandy in front of me, rapidly going inside of me :-))

It has been a funny old year, we have had some really nice trips to engine shows, and no really bad happenings, but 2004 has not been a 'vintage year' in terms of projects and engines, in fact it has been the worst year I can remember for time spent on old iron.

Like many others on the newsgroup, my other interests have taken up time and money, and provisions for a later period when I 'hope' to be retired have taken up a lot of time, money and space, but hopefully will provide interest and amusement when the time comes.

New friends have been made, always an interesting experience, and as usual we have been able to help out a few old friends with transportation around the UK while on 'other business'.

We expect to go overseas again for the Tulare show in California in April, and again for the Portland show in August, this coming year's show being the 40th, so extra space is being organised for what should be a bumper year. We have really enjoyed these shows on previous visits and would recommend them to anyone thinking of doing the trip for the first time.

Entertainment on the newsgroup has been the usual mixture but very enjoyable, I just regret that I have not had as much time as previously to get involved in some of the discussions. The last month or so has been really busy, with some very long working days, sometimes up to 20 hours between getting up and getting back to bed, so computer time has been restricted as a result.

So, a very Happy Xmas to all, friends, lurkers and others, and I hope that we can continue to remain a basically friendly and knowledgable group in 2005.

Cheers! (hic)


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