Beattie Well Tank - Help !

Could anyone please help with a drawing of 30586 (3329) or photos of same.
Now the long dark nights are here I have a couple of kits to build one with
the round splashers and one the square splashers. Both kits have pretty dire
chassis frames which dont lend themselves to easy conversion to compensated
TIA - Eddie
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Edward Cowdrey
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On 20/12/2005 21:36, Tim Illingworth said,
If these are the Falcon (ex-Jidenco) kits, then from everything I've heard they are best used to build a model of your prototype using the etches as a basis, rather than using the etches to build a kit. This might well mean making your own frames or buying profile-milled frames from Alan Gibson.
I think there was a drawing in Railway Modeller some years back. I'll see if I can dig it out.
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Paul Boyd

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