Been shopping

25 x PC77 and 25 x PC80. That should keep me off the streets for a while.

My test builds of both models have been very satisfying, the tricky bits to my mind are:

  • Getting the angled sides properly aligned, especially on the riveted PC80.
  • Consistent formation of the brass handrails (I will make jigs from offcuts of brass bar).
  • The order of assembly / painting. I think I will be building them as three sub-assemblies: hopper body, lower body & door, and chassis. These can be fully spray painted and then assembled.

I will be weathering them to varying degrees. The salt technique seems very effective, and given that the ex-LNER hoppers were apparently repainted freight grey I might well use the salt technique to simulate the effect seen in several pictures where the later livery appears to have come away in places. These are monochrome pictures, though, but there is a similar looking effect on some wagons in Hendry's Goods Wagons In Colour. Guy

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