N gauge 3rd rail chairs

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I don't know of any. How about using small pins? Drive them in to the proper height, and solder the rail to the top. This method goes back to the Olden Days, before there were any rail chairs.
HTH, Wolf K.
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Wolf K
And to represent the insulators pop into one of those bead shops that support that jewelry making hobby, should be able to find some small beads with a hole through that will look a reasonable shape. They often have some interesting bits that may be useful in other ways too. Those springy press stud thingies can make ideal bogie mounts in some circumstances and fine wire for handrails etc is available in various sizes. My missus won't take me along now, Says I'm a distraction as I say "I can use that for xxxxxxx"
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There's an article in this months model rail about a 3rd rail N gauge layout might be worth a look for hints.
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