Graham Farish 'N' gauge locos with Flywheel drive?

Does anyone know if any of the Graham Farish 'N' gauge diesel or steam locos
have flywheel
Apparently none of the current Bachmann OO gauge steam locos have a flywheel, but
their diesel OO gauge locos mostly do (a lot have 2 flywheels).
Also do Hornby have any OO gauge locos with flywheel drive?
Alistair Gutcher
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Alistair Gutcher
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The two new diesel designs, classes 50 and 31. Keith
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Keith Norgrove
The new Steam V2's from Farish have a new chassis araingement with a flywheel drive yipeeeee!
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Nick Beard
The new Bachmann-Farish Diesel and Electric locos all have a flywheel drive, with the exception of the Classes 08, 20, HST and 158. The 08 and 20 do not have room inside the metal bodies for a flywheel.
The 158 is coming out soon with a retooled flywheel chassis and the HST is due for re-release leater in the year with the same.
Apart from the V2, all the steam locos still have the original mechanism with a new skew-wound 5-pole motor but no flywheel. I'm told that the improvement from the original Poole-built GF is considerable, though.
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"Alistair Gutcher" wrote
locos have flywheel
Fairly confident that all of the 6-wheel bogie diesels manufactured under Bachmann's ownership have flywheel drive. I'm not certain that the 4-wheel bogie diesels (class 20, 25 & 33) have flywheels.
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John Turner

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