Hornby Tender Drive Locos - DCC Conversion

Hi All,
I have a Hornby Tender Drive loco "Dutchess of Sutherland" that is
approximately 10 - 15 years old, does anyone have a method or any hints /
tips for converting it to DCC?
Graham Kendall
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Graham Kendall
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"Graham Kendall" wrote
The crucial aspect to this is to ensure that the left hand motor brush (when brushes are facing you with wheels down) has to be isolated from the chassis block. With some it's just a question of removing the wire connection, with others there's a tab off the brush retainer which contacts with a metal peg which protrudes through the plastic motor face plate, and this needs to be removed.
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John Turner
I've just converted a 'Gordon', which didn't have the brush problem, but did have the 'where on earth does the chip go?' problem.
I ended up putting the chip in the loco body, and running a cable between the tender/loco, simulating a brake/air/vacuum pipe. To ensure I can easily get the tender/loco separated I used 2 pins of a strip of 'micropins', available from Maplins. Actually loosk quite good.
Photos available by email if you want them.
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Mike Wonham

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