Honby Zero1 Phase3 equipment ..

Hi group,
just been browsing through, and you seem to be the bunch who could
help me.
About 7 years ago I had a OO scale train set in the loft, but times
changed and I needed the space.
How ever I've gotten the urge to have another layout. hence my
I have a Zero1 setup, and had the 'Phase 3' display boards fitted to
it, I still have the whole setup, but wondered if anyone knew where I
could get more of these display boards and modules? Also looking for
the accessory modules.........OK some might say why bother there are
newer DCC systems around, but I like the fact that this was the first
(I think) and it does what I want it to do.
Oh one other thing, are there any circuit diagrams of the zero1
system, so if I can't get ready built modules, I might be able to
build my own.
Dan Allen
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Dan Allen
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On Sun, 14 Sep 2003 11:21:21 +0100, Dan Allen
You will have to frequent secondhandstalls/dealers and ebay to get more,
MERG, has quite a lot of information and kits for replacement keyboards. Keith
Make friends in the hobby. Visit Garratt photos for the big steam lovers.
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Keith Norgrove
I have 20x Zero 1 Loco Modules in unopened packets, selling for a friend here in New Zealand, if anyone is interested.
Jeff Law Mt Maunganui New Zealand
"Dan Allen"
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Jeff Law
On Sun, 14 Sep 2003 17:55:19 +0100, snipped-for-privacy@dsl.pipex.com (Keith Norgrove) spilled forth with the follow words of wisdom:
Thanks for the info
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Dan Allen
I have 20 unopened Hornby Zero 1 Loco Modules on eBay (#3145380205) at the moment.
The auction is due to expire later today.
I am happy to ship anywhere in the world.
Jeff Law New Zealand
"Dan Allen"
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Jeff Law
In article , Dan Allen wrote:
Phil: You could just try cleaning the contacts on each of the display modules: the system used a serial distribution based on detecting a load (plugged in led) at any module position, (and had to be 'taught' how many leds there were by the 'programming' mode) -- a dodgy contact on say one of the leds eg 23left will cause 23left to be displayed on 24left ans the otrhers shiofted on by one (but not necessarily 23 right....) -- so cleanliness is next to godliness on those contact pins - just connecting them a few times will help to clean the contacts.
After that, since it has no moving parts, it is reliable. (I have the maximum number of modules (130 poins/signals 99 addresses) packed into a 2metre display which can be seen at
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(easier to remember) and follow the domestic link, or go directly with:
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and click on the picture of the micromimic
I have half changed to dcc: I used a 4 wire distribution system for zero-1 (track and accessories) and have the track on dcc, and accessories on Z-1 so that I can continue to use the micromimic!
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