Mamod Steam Loco gauge question

Although I've spent a few weeks reading posts I'm pretty new to this newsgroup, so apologies in advance if I've posted off charter.

Does anyone know if the Mamod steam engines

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which are O guage can run on any O gauge track? I'm sure I've seen cheaper track than the £23 a box for official Mamod stuff.

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Plain track - yes. Pointwork - Coarse Scale 0 Gauge probably needed.

K-More wrote:

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Dick Ganderton

"K-More" wrote: Does anyone know if the Mamod steam engines can run on any O gauge track?

Yes, and quite well on the Peco... Although Mamod locos are actually SM32...

16mm scale on 32mm gauge track....

Watch the fire doesn't drop onto the sleepers.... they ment rather quickly!!!

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