Point levers

Probably not the correct terminology, but can anybody point (no pun
intended) in the direction of a manufacturer in 4mm of point levers, the
'upright' type, as used in goods yards and locomotive yards. I seem to
recall from my 'spotting', and yes probably 'spotty' days that these
sometimes had a guard rail just a little shorter than the actual lever. Hope
I've explained this Ok
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Keith J Patrick
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I think I know what you mean. I've got some. Bought them from my local model shop. Whitemetal. Believe they are made by Knightwing. 4 in a pack IIRC.
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Dave Potter
Is that what is known as a "ground frame" ?
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Adrian B
Wouldn't think so. Ground frame implies some form of interlocking with signals or other turnouts involving one or more additional levers. The locking took the form of a tappet tray which was usually (but not always) protected from the weather in a small hut. or shelter. In addition they would often have some form of communication with the nearby signal box by means of a release plunger and indicator.
Single levers were normally only used in depots or yards to throw individual turnouts, Their design was self-locking and didn't need a separate locking lever. As usual, designs and practices varied widely over the network.
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