Ratio Kits LNWR coaches

How good a model are these kits? I know they have been around a while and
have no interior, but that I can deal with.
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I was as curious myself and found this review online:-
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Larry Goddard makes some good RTR versions but they're slightly more expensive :o)
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The bogies are rubbish. Don't waste your time with them but get replacements from someone like Barry Stephenson.
In article , kim writes
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John Bishop
There not too bad. As John says the bogies are not up to the job but the bodies have potential. The only drawback is painting it. If you have the skill to apply fully lined LNWR livery they will look very nice...if not..well in all honesty I'd steer clear.
An alternative is Wheeltapper Coaches (no website) who do a nice range of pre group coaches with pre-printed sides.(bit like Southern Pride)
PO Box 28(A) Heathfield East Sussex TN21 9ZY
They advertise in RM quite often.
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Ian Clarke

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