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Having done most of the area clearing and laid in the pond and other >broad-brush landscaping, I'm now just starting on the laying of 00 Peco >nick/silver track outside, proposing to run Bachmann stock on it. > >Any suggestions as to which controller I should go for?

Aristocraft Train Engineer. This has the advantage of being a radio-control handset controlling a base station which is the equivalent of your normal controller.

*Warning* It's expensive, at approx £125, and you'll need £40 of Gaugemaster transformer to drive it.
My biggest concern is possible power drop as, although it will only be - to >all intents and purposes - a simple figure-8 up line and down line layout, >the furthest locos will be up to 20 meters/yards away from the control >point.

Use heavy-duty wire to connect the track. I use 6 amp lighting cable. My layout goes 175 feet (55 metres) away from the control point.

I was already thing of sectioning each line (therefore installing multiple >feed points), but is one controller going to be up to it?

Yes. How many trains are you going to run at once? The Train Engineer will handle 5 amps (or 10 amps if you fit a fan to cool it) and normal OO locomotives don't draw more than 1 amp in normal conditions.

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