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Hi there. Does anybody know who makes a riveting tool for punching out
dummy rivets in etch brass kits. The tool I am thinking of is the one
with a threaded rod and a weight that allows the drop of the weight to
be set thus producing (theoretically) uniform rivets.
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Those are so simple that you make it yourself ! Steel studding (B&Q if stuck for a source), sharpen to a rounded point (not too pointed or it punches holes!). A few nuts. A lump of metal with a hole in it. I have one and use it now and then.
Experiment with the material you put below the workpiece; something hard (eg. steel) is very different to something with some give (eg. lead flashing), or lots of give (mouse-mat).
Their is a posher lever device is by GW Models, with various guides and slides (depending on price) to control a line of rivets. Works and prices seem fair for the low volume manufacture.
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- Nigel
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Nigel Cliffe
Rich said the following on 28/01/2008 12:34:
Eileen's Emporium do such a tool, I believe.
Eileen's Emporium PO Box 14753, London, SE19 2ZH, tel and fax 020 8771 3366 Roger Sawyer
If you want to get really clever, go for the GW Models rivetter. I think this around £80 when I bought one, but it is a nice piece of kit. He usually advertises in MRJ, so you might see a picture of it if you have a quick browse in WH Smiths.
George Watts 2 Tall Trees Penstone Park Lancing West Sussex BN15 9AG Telephone No. 01903 767231
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