Romfords B2B

Coal tank (0-6-2) chassis was derailing on not too tight curves, found wheels were very tight fit. Tried usual things - ensured axles properly in wheels, plenty of side play, then checked B2B and found it was at least .75mm wider than other kit romfords. Compared axles with others and nothing strange there, then noticed inside bit of wheel that axle abuts (ok dont know its name) ws standing proud compared to other whells by about .25 mm. So quick file and B2B correct and no tightness on curves or derail.

Am used to filing to get axle into wheel, but never had to do this before. Also last axles purchased few weeks ago were undersized in diameter - wobbled in unreamed bearings, whereas other axles had already got wouldnt fit.

Anyone else seen these or other problems before or are they more recent ones ? Must stress theyre original romfords (or markits) from reputable suppliers.

Cheers, Simon

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