Serco test & Weed killer

There was a Britannia models Serco test coach kit (well, made up kit) in
Rail Express the other month which has half caught my eye, despite the
review basically saying it could be a allot better (will match bach 37/4
well then!!)
Are there any other kits available of modern (2002 - present day) Test
coaches that would not look out of place next to this model? I am not too
fussed about if they actually run in the same formation, although that would
of course be advantageous, I just want more than one coach in my "possibly
could run" Serco test train formation
Same for weed killing. I have seen photos of weed killing trains (got some
nice video footage on class 37 diary 2002) of a short weed killing train, it
looks something like a converted BG with two blue 45 ton tankers either end
of it, top and tailed by 37s. Any one got any more details on how to model
this train and its actual details?
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for some full size pics of the mods to the coach, ask if you want Fots of the coach in sections, or of the (double) tank wagon .
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On Sat, 05 Nov 2005 10:23:20 GMT, "turbo" said in :
Now then, round Reading is a quite interesting [FSVO] train of Plasser MFS and various other "yellow things". I'd like to take some pictures for the benefit of humanity, but I'm not sure how best to approach it. Any suggestions? This is a very /long/ yellow thing (fnaar fnaar).
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