Starting with Kit Building

Hi Folks,
I am considering taking my first steps in to kit building, I think i'm
probably going to go with the DC Kits 101 since plastic kit building
is not new to me, i've done plenty of airfix planes in my past!
The bit that presents some trepidation is painting it, obviously
having spent a lot of time on a nice loco it'd be nice not to make a
hash of the paint job.
Can anyone recommend tips, tricks, techniques, books, sites etc that
can help?
Much appreciated!
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Matthew J. Peddlesden
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Be warned that the DC Kits are considerably more difficult to construct than an AIrfix plane... Not that I am trying to put you off -I'm certainly not. I bought a DC Kits cl105 a while back which I have been constructing on and off for ages. I assume that the 101 will be similar in construction, so you will get :
Floor units (one will need modifying to accept a motor bogie). Roofs (need to be cut to length) Body pieces. (each side is constructed from 3 or more shorter sections) Cab ends White-metal parts (several parts to be attached under the floor, plus cab interiors) Brass etch parts (there are lots of these, from under-floor components to windscreen wipers, to door handles and more) Seating and brass partitions
I am now at the stage of adding the roof vents (which look very fiddly to me), then I'll be painting... I'm not convinced that I'm capable of adding the etched door handles and hinges and am seriously considering skipping that part...
At the end of the day, this has been a real learning experience for me, and although I've found it far more difficult than I expected, I am very pleased with the results so far. In the next couple of weeks, I hope to be painting the model - I've decided to hand paint the yellow ends, roof and underframe, but spray (railmatch aerosol) the body (BR blue). Anyone any suggestions on what order to do this???
On the subject of painting, by way of practice, I bought the Dapol prototype Deltic and Drewry Shunter to practice on. I certainly made some mistakes with the Deltic - like not washing the model thoroughly before painting...
Have fun!
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Don't go for a 101. The mouldings aren't that brilliant. Try one of his othe later units, such as a 105 or 108 - or even any of the single cars.
Cheers, Mick
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Mick Bryan
If you want to practice painting and lining etc.. you could always obtain some unfinished hornby margate model bodies.... most of the shops dealing in spares cary them... though you may have to look around to get the bodies you want..
I practiced on A4 body moudings I think they can be obtained for around the 3-for a fiver price point, and you wont need to do any assemby.
of course this has the benefit that you can easily get a chassis to fit it to if you do a good job.
East Kent list bodyshells (unpainted ) for 110 £ centre car (£1 ea), 142(£1ea) and networker(£2ea)(amongst others) which may be of interest to you.
It would give you a bit of practice at least.
hope this helps.
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Craig Douglas
Smashing Idea, I know my local shop does carry them too so I think that's probably the first step.
Many thanks
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Matthew J. Peddlesden

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