The feud at the model railway club Norfolk UK

Norfolk Eastern Daily Press

25th September 2008

Anthony Carroll

" The dark underbelly of the miniature train world was revealed yesterday as members of a Norfolk railway model club appeared in court over allegations of stealing a model engine .........

............. they heard tales of backstabbing, deceit, imaginary burglaries and rampant egos. "

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Dragon Heart
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"For the model railway enthusiast, the pleasure is in the making,

*cleaning* and admiring of replica locomotives."

Someone needs to read the thread about weathering ;-)


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Sounds like your average club...

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club's fix it man and regularly expected small payments for some repairs.

I'm interested in who he considers the six ahead of him and, more interesting, who comes after him. :-)


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Jim Guthrie


I wondered about this also!

Who keeps this league table and how can I get on it? :-)

This chap sounds like a right fantasist!


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Paul Stevenson

This story has been discussed over on uk.railway, where the owner of said model has posted saying that the model in question hasn't been returned by the police yet, and the photographer wanted him to pose with a model, so he used a Peak instead.

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Interestingly, the "Daily Telegraph" reported this, complete with a photo of a Bachmann "Peak" - unfortunately the text of the article said it was a DCC Lima Class 40 ..........

David Costigan

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David Costigan

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