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I'm modelling the late fifties/early sixties. Was there a standard practice as to whether fencing rails were on the track side of the posts or the outward side? I saw both on a train journey from Newmarket to Norwich yesterday, but I'm conscious the practice may have been different 50 years ago.

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Ed Callaghan
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I understand the Bluebell Railway has its own 'Fencing Group'. Their fences, from simple wooden to complex concrete designs, date back between 50 & 120 years. They attempt to follow, as far as possible, LBSCR & Southern Railway practice

You could try contacting Geoffrey Snow, who is also after volunteers for the group, for advice.

They will all be a bit busy at the moment as I understand the recent heavy rains has washed away several parts of the track bed.


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Dragon Heart

My perception of 60's fencing is that it was predominanly concrete posts with wire through the middle. For wooden fencing, I'd assume that the rails would be on the field side, as that would help prevent animals pushing through (that's the way we did it on the farm).


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I would think that fences erected by the railway and not required to keep out farm animals would have the boards on the railway side, for the sake of appearance and ease of access for maintenance. Perimeter fencing adjoining a public way might have the boards on the outside.

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