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Happy New Year everybody.

Has anyone here used Viessmann damped solenoid signal motors? I have been experimenting with one and I find that it has lost its damping - the solenoid still works in both directions but without the slow movement.

I suspect I may have damaged the motor in some way, but before I throw it away does anyone know if this can be fixed?


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John Nuttall
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All -

Following up my own post, I think I have now fixed the problem.

After gently removing the end cap of the motor - where the wires emerge - I found that a small spigot had become detached from the operating rod. This spigot engages with the damper and incorporates a small tube into which the operating rod is supposed to fit. Once this was replaced - and locked with a touch of superglue - all was well.

Moral: don't twist the operating rod when fitting the motor to a signal and don't pull the operating rod out too far. I don't know which of these I did (possibly both) but the result was the disengagement of the damper.

Now having a slightly happier New Year than I was about three hours ago!

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John Nuttall

Hi John,

I have four Viessmann 4502 signals on my layout. Now only one of them is still working with slow movement.

Your solution might cure the problem of my signals. As far as I'm not a good mechanic, can you please send me a picture of the spigot (if still possible) ?

Thank you.

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