Which DCC Chip?

I have been happily chipping locos this afternoon, but have had trouble
with a Hornby one. I put a LE1000 "Mac Coder" into a new Battle of
Britain pacific and another into a new Merchant Navy and they work
really well, nice slow speed and good control.
However I put another LE1000 MacCoder into my Hornby club caley "pug"
which has one of those "silver" motors (HB type I think it is called).
This loco runs appallingly, can hear the motor buzz while increasing the
power from the handheld. Suddenly at about 8-10 on the controller the
loco leaps into life and runs away at an unprototypical speed!
Anyone used a different decoder that works better?
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You need to set the CVs for the voltage range that suits the motor, which will improve speed control. Also, the decoder should have a "silent" mode, which will reduce the buzz. If the decoder does not have silent mode, replace it with one that does.
You may also have to adjust the motor mechanically: clean the commutator with a contact cleaner/lubricant (which will reduce the surface resistance to half or less of what it was), and run in the mech.
Re: Running in: I've heard of people using toothpaste to polish the gear train of a loco. Apparently, the toothpaste works like lapping compound, and renders the mech silky smooth. But you do have to clean it out afterwards, which is why I've never used it. Anyone have experience with this trick? Is it worth the mess?
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Wolf Kirchmeir
"Wolf Kirchmeir" wrote
Only ever used this in the dim distant past when putting kits together. It can improve matters to some minor extent, but basically all you're doing in speeding up the wearing process and shortening the life of the gear train. It belongs in the era exemplified by the 'Railway Modeller' comment - it will improve with running-in, which of course it rarely did.
These days RTR mechanisms are generally so good that if you get one which makes you consider this treatment, I'd suggest you'd be better returning it from where it came and finding a better example.
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John Turner

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