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Does anyone have any good sources for 4130 at good prices? No matter where I get it from it will probably have to be shipped in since I live in west Kentucky where even mild steel has to be ordered in thin wall. :) I know of a few aircraft supply sources that sell it, but it is awfully expensive through them.

What about welded tubing vs. seamless? My mild steel frame is made with welded seam tubing. Wouldn't welded seam 4130 be a lot less expensive than seamless? Is there much difference in the strengths of the two? If I could find the right sources I was thinking of using seamless in the high stress areas and maybe welded seam tubing in other areas. I read somewhere that the two were compatible when welding.

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Seamless is stronger, but welded seam is still stronger than 1018 steel.

No, Seamless is more expensive since it must be extruded and drawn to size, while welded seam is simply rolled from sheet.

That is a common practice.

4130 is 4130, so they are compatible for welding.

If you have to drill holes through welded seam tube, try to position or rotate the tube so you miss the weld seam inside. The weld seam is harder than the surrounding metal and can kill drill bits.

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Best sourch for 4130 tube is "The Dillsburg Aeroplane Works" Charles T. Vogelsong, 114 Sawmill Road, Dillsburg, PA. 17019 Telephone 717/432-4589.

They are the largest supplier in the country, and carry a HUGE inventory. They are wholesale suppliers to a LOT of other 4130 retailers, so there pricing is very good.

Sorry to say they are NOT ONLINE. Call them for a price list.

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Thank you very much. I have been looking for their contact info.

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Do you by any chance fly a Trike? I know of a fellow named Ron Shearer that has recently started flying Trikes around here and am just curious if you are him! :)

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