Al-GMAW summery is correct?

Hello all
Using industrial 3-phase welding machine with "Constant Voltage" and "Pulse", with pure Ar shielding gas and 1.2mm (47thou) 5183 wire
(Al-Mg-Mn). On Al 5083 and 6062
Finding * 10m/min and above (>93ipm) - always spray transfer on CV * <10m/min - always use pulse mode
I'm finding that optimum wire-feed-speed when in spray is * faster than you hear a rasping from the wire-burn * slower than gives extensive sooting of the weld There's a narrow optimum wire-feed-speed where the weld flows in smoothly, with a smooth arc, but below some "lot of heat" state which gives the black soot (Mg from the alloy?).
In pulse I again think of the wire-feed-speed and trust the "synergic" controls to do everything else.
At 10m/min, right at the bottom of the spray range (?), it seems you can't trust the synergic and you have to significantly tune the voltage.
How is that compared to what you know?
Rich S
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