aluminum brazing rods...

Yes, I know it's not welding, but it's close...

Now, at the risk of being flamed, are any of the low temp aluminum alloy brazing rods better than others? I have an aluminum canoe with a couple of long tears in one of the seats and a few popped rivets. I already have a propane torch. I'm not interested in getting any welding equipment, other than maybe some MAPP gas (but I don't think this will be necessary, the canoe is pretty thin skinned).

The three products with the highest visibility on the web are HTS-2000, durafix, and muggyweld. There's also Bernzomatic's AL-3 aluminum brazing rods. Which would you use?

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There are a number of "flame" rods available and most are decent.

Because of your limited equipment, we must look at something like the "alladin rod". While some distributors may not carry this particular brand, an equivalent is produced by most all rod makers. Check- Alladin JW Harris Natweld Hi-Alloy All-State

There may be others, but I know that these 5 companies have very comparable products in this class.

Look for the words "lo temp" . A reference to "scratching" is also a good clue.

Stay away from the 80% zinc alloys. They are killers (literally) to use and the Alladin rod is easier to use and stronger.

Any questions, let me know!

Good Luck


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