aluminum solder from Bernzomatic

I picked some rods up(al3 4043) but there are no instructions and the Bernzomatic web site is useless.

Do you need a flux?

Can a propane torch be used - it claims a melting temp of 750 deg F?

I managed to find one post.. the poster said you have to scratch the rod once it's hot to get it to flow onto the metal.

Any other hints before I try it out.

Thanks Steve L.

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Steve Lischynsky
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See if you can find any info on Welco #52. That appears to be about the same stuff as the bernzo that I bought, but don't have the model number. It's probably almost all zinc. Pretend it's solder...Heat the weldment, not the rod. Tin the surface. Brush off the gunk then let 'er flow. I never used any flux. mike

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