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I went the welding store yesterday to buy some anti-flashback arrestors for a gas welder to go between the regulators and the hoses. They had some short arrestors that cost $16 and some long arrestors that cost $64. The owner did not know what the difference in the two was and said they did the same thing. Since one is 4 times the length and 4 times the cost of the other, I do not belive he is correct ; however, the packaging did not identify any functional differences. Does anyone know what the difference is besides size and price? Don

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There are Check valves and Arrestors. Both are used inline in gas hoses. Check valves are cheaper. They simply prevent one gas from going down the other gas's hose. So you don't get an oxygen/acetylene mix in the hose.

Arrestors are designed to prevent an actual flame from getting back into the hose or regulator. Sometimes they combine both in one more expensive and larger piece.

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