AWS D1.1 Question

I have a print that is asking

"Welding shall meet the workmanship and quality requirements of the AWS Specifications D1.1 and D1.3"

Can someone who is familiar with this code give me a broadbrush of what is involved, does the welder need a certification? Or is this about procedures?


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D1.1 has over 500 pages. Welders have to be certified. It covers a lot of territory and I don't know of a way to boil it down. If you are doing work to a code, you have to have and understand that code.


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I wondered what D1.3 was and found it was structural sheet metal code. Certifying authorities don't like their code being refererred to without actually being "used". The wording is odd. Either you are in or out. It costs a few dollars but worth it to puchase the current code from AWS if you have the job. The broadbrush answer is that it is about certifying the contractor and his employees and ensuring that they use prequalified joints and procedures or the contractor qualifies his own joints and procedures. You should get a clarification from the client before you end up with a mess of completed work that is rejected by an inspector. Randy

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Randy Zimmerman

AWS D1.1 is the American Welding Society's Structural Welding Code--Steel. D1.3 is Structural Welding Code--Sheet Steel. D1.1 covers the fabrication and erection of welded structures using mild or carbon steel 1/8" thick or greater. D1.3 covers thinner material. They both cover the requirements for design of welded connections, welding procedures (prequalified procedures in the code and qualification of procedures by the fabricator), qualification of personnel (for different processes, positions, material thicknesses, etc.), fabrication, weld inspection (visual, ultrasonic, radiographic, etc.) and repair.

These codes are similar to model codes like the National Electrical Code in that they define acceptable practice for an industry, may have the force of law if include by reference in the laws or regulations of a government entity, may be contractual requirements if included by reference in a contract or suporting documents such as a drawing, etc.

When adherence to these codes is required, one or more Certified Welding Inspectors may be involved, possibly for both the fabricator and the company having the work done.

Don't suppose this was just something put on an internal print that doesn't really need it?

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