better torch goggles?

Since 1980 I've only used one kind of burning/brazing goggles with a torch - cheap red plastic with a funky elastic strap on the back that loses its elasticity amazingly fast. They work OK but I'm wondering what you guys use, maybe there's a better solution out there.



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Grant Erwin
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I use googles made by Jackson. They use the same size filter as an arc welding helmet, but don't shield the whole face. I looked on the internet, and can't find anything that is the same.


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I have used just the plain old face shields that come in a shade 5 or 6. The ones that have a crank headband, and cover your full face. I've always liked them because of the good visibility, non fogging, ventilation, and feel. I like the flip up feature that you can do with gloves on. Downside is that they scratch easy, and don't last long unless you are fastidious about hanging them up and keeping them clean. But, when compared to those goggles with the wimpy bands and sweaty eyes, I like them better. Those goggles look high dollar and well made, replaceable lenses and all, and then they put those absolutely wussy elastics on there. What's up with that?

I am a nut about wearing ear plugs. So, with one of those full face drop downs, a cotton hat, and some ear plugs, I feel pretty safe. I like the ear plugs on a band that squeeze into your ears from the side. You can drop them down around your neck when not doing things that create dingleberries that can send you home early and keep you there.

Everyone's head is different, and their uses and needs, too. Keep trying them until you find one you like. One size does NOT fit all.


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I use UVEX Horizon flip ups.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

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