One way to deal with ebay rip-off auctions!

A member of the CCED list posted that someone appeared to have ripped
off his entire web page detailing his mods to the mill.
Sure enough, it's all there, and obviously a fraud, listed within a day
of the seller signing up, and bidder's identities protected.
The seller directly linked all images to the original web site.
Owner of said web site simply replaced one of the images with a fraud
This ends tomorrow and may be shut down before then, so take a quick
I like it!
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Jon Anderson
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This is amazingly funny.
I wonder what the seller is thinking right now!
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jim rozen
I didn't even notice that in the first two looks. He needs to change all the images. eBay's usually very good about removing auctions using stolen information or photos, so I'm surprised it hasn't been deleted after a complaint.
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And the seller says he's located in the USA, but ebay says he registered in Canada..........
Bidders ID's are hidden because he didn't want anyone tipping them off....
This ass has undoubtedly done this before as he seems to know the "tricks"
As a "foreign" buyer, just try to get your money back from this scum.... beyond the reach of our authorities and Canada's laws are much more "relaxed" than even our own (which are pathetic enough) when it comes to procecuting mail/internet fraud.
This is precisely why I don't ever bid on items from Canada or any other foreign country unless the seller has plenty of good quality feedback. Even then you take a risk.
While I've had mainly good results with ebay auctions, I've been ripped off several times by US sellers that had good feedback but then "went south"....
If I figure the money I think I saved on the "deals" that did pan out versus the money I've lost on fraud, it's almost a wash.... Once you add in the hassle of dealing with someone who is an amatuer when it comes to shipping or who originally bought the item at a flea market or garage sale and has no idea that parts are missing or the thing was mis-represented to him..... etc. etc.,
I've begun to move away from ebay unless I'm looking for a specific part to a specific machine and the seller can personally vouch for the item.
I've had to ship a few things back to people for a refund... of course then your out shipping both ways which is sometimes near or more than the item was worth to begin with....
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There's more than one sharp cookie selling Girl Scouts on eBay, but so far I've made out OK. I often e-mail sellers with questions before bidding and make my decision to bid according to the kind of answers I receive. Only has two problems in maybe 100 purchases over the last few years:
1. An ivory carving which turned out to be "Mandarin Ivory" which is a loaded plastic material which looks pretty good, but won't fool an ivory collector. I believe the seller made an innocent mistake as she took it back and paid me a full refund immediately. BTW the stuff's easily identified; A red hot sewing pin will melt its way right into an obscure spot on the piece, it won't do anything when pressed against real ivory.
2. A CD containing a medical reference book. The seller displayed a photo of the actual CD, but sent me a labeless home burned copy which was wouldn't even run because it was missing several important files. The swine refused to take it back, and actually said to me "How do I know you didn't make a copy of it and are trying to rip me off?" He rescinded when I threatened to report him to the CD's publisher, his local police department, and the AG in his state. I got my money back along with a nasty threatening letter saying the only reason he was giving me a refund is because he didn't want to go to jail again.
I'm amazed that anyone intelligent enough to want to own a CNC mill would dare to bid on one from a seller with no feedback who'd just signed up with eBay a few days before. I wonder if the 14 "bids" showing when I looked at it are phonys too.
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Jeff Wisnia
cq cq to you i am sorry you feel that way i put 4 on ebay a few month ago i have been beat up all my life but i did not rip any on off if any one loose it is me i under sell my self yes i had no feed back but i had wonder full machines that went to china... i replaced them from 2 machines i bought on ebay and i am a happy camper
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As others have pointed out, the guy is slick, I'll give him that - But Hans is even slicker in catching and dealing with it...
I'm gonna bookmark this one and follow what happens next.
I would report this to E-Bay myself, but you have to register first before you can report it. No, thankee, not right now...
Those of you who do have E-Bay accounts, please write to complain early and often - It's the Chicago Way... ;-)
Note to Hans Wedemeyer: This is getting coverage in the Usenet newsgroup news:rec.crafts.metalworking and I am posting this message there and E-mailing you a courtesy copy. Feel free to jump in with your comments directly, the headers should get you to the thread. Or search Google Groups for the root message of the thread -
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Does Texas Law still accept "Your Honor, He needed killin'." as a valid defense? ;-)
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Bruce L. Bergman
LOL, paybacks sure are nice when they work out like this! I remember seeing one about a car (I think), anyway, the pix were stolen (like this case), the person who owned the images put one up with a note (in crayon) sayin he likes little boys. Sure made the ebay ad look funny :-)
-- Lynn "I have opposable thumbs, and I'm not scared to use em" Amick
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Lynn Amick
Another EBay mill sale where it appears that the pictures are ripped off, but in this case reformatted to try to make them look different is
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original sale was
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is the same kind of deal were the bidders ID are kept private so someone who sees the ripped off pictures can't contact them. Also the seller signed up the day he/she listed the mill.
J> A member of the CCED list posted that someone appeared to have ripped
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J Gold
The real sellers should put a watermark on their pix to stop theft.
Too_Many_Tools wrote:
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There is no real seller- the pics and text are from a how-to web site.
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Carl Byrns

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