Block splitter is done!

I think it looks mighty fine for something cobbled together in a day. It
works great! What do you think?
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Steve B
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And you cobbled what part? The block of wood? Steve
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Up North
How about a video??
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Jon Anderson
I have done two jobs with those kind of blocks you describe. Unless you got what you have for free or close to that one usually purchases the necessary half blocks with the initial order. I don't recall all that well perhaps there is a whole block with a double middle you cut or crack. The other end on my applications just ended up kind of like a stair way. Probably more rain around here, fill the voids with pea stone, tie back into the bank by putting a hammer drill hole and steel rod going back into the bank as needed. Cap the top with a thin layer of small aggregate concrete. Pea stone and drainage perforated pipe at bottom in the bigger job.
Those blocks weren't cheap, the smaller job where I bought them I got a discontinued color/texture and I bet a pick up loaded would have been about $500. Personally I think you should think about water on the diamond blade.
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Was wondering the same thing.
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Cydrome Leader
Hey, if it works, it's a block splitter. If not, I can always use it for a log splitter.
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Steve B

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