I am trying to weld cast steel : a flywheel to clutch basket - with
The weld keeps cracking right down the centre
any ideas ??
cheers everyone
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The cracking indicates that your weld area is getting high carbon or high alloy admixture from the base material. Proper welding will require specific weld materials and at least some measure of pre and post heat treatment. Net: non trivial.
But I wouldn't even think about trying to weld on a flywheel or pressure plate. I just sat down at the computer after coming in from the shop: the object of my attention 5 minutes ago was a pressure plate from a Porsche GT3 Cup car that disasembled at just under 10k rpm. Lets just say I'm sensitive to the safety aspects of these things right now. This is a case of "if you have to ask, I won't tell you"
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You will need to heat the parts first - both parts. Pre-heat your cast iron parts slowly to just before it turns red hot. Do your weld, then slowly allow the cast iron to cool.
How do you get a big piece of cast iron that hot then slowly cool it? Expensive equipment! That's why a lot of people will just go buy another cast iron flywheel.
Besides, like RoyJ said, it will be a dangerous piece after you are done with it.
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how condesending
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