Cutting torch hoses - prevent sun damage

I bought a new set of hoses for my welding truck this summer around July.
They are always in the weather and in the sun.
Now, the hoses are starting to leak because of dry rot.
What do you mobile rig runners use to keep your hoses from rotting away?
I'm also concerned that the brass Victor gauges are going to tarnish
excessively or that the rubber diaphrams inside them will dry rot. I've got
a 1-year old Victor O2 gauge that has started making a squal whenever the
oxygen is flowing through it.
Any ideas? Putting a big canvas bag over my equipment works, but that's a
pain in the rear.
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The problem with covering your hoses is that you may not see any real damage. It is generally assumed that truck rigs will age faster, so you just plan on getting the regulators rebuilt sooner and buy new hoses sooner.
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Ernie Leimkuhler
Thanks for the note, Ernie.
Glad to see our spammer hasn't run everyone off.
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