Airco Cutting Torch- tip removal

I have a copper cutting torch tip stuck in an Airco cutting torch head.
The head is brass or bronze, not stainless steel. They are not
stuck due to any corrosion, they were clean and shiny today when I put
the tip in.
What is a good trick for getting these out? I don't want to damage any
surfaces in the torch head.
Thanks in advance for any help.
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Grandpa Munster
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Usually you can leave the nut in, just loosened good, and give the back and/or side of the head a sharp rap with a small hammer and the tip will pop out. If you got the tip and head hot and then tightened it again (say, to correct backfiring after a preignition) you may not get it out that easily- heating the head while the tip is in cold water might make the difference.
Have you used this torch before and do you know it to be good? If I remember correctly, that tip has two tapered seats- if someone dropped the torch on its head, that can result in out of round tapers and a stuck tip. Hitting it in the wrong place with the intent of getting a stuck tip out can do that too, careful with the hammer Eugene..
Good luck with it,
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