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Did Airco have different models of cutting torches depending on the fuel gas, i.e. acetylene, propane, nat gas? I'm thinking that since Airco mixes the gas in the tip, that their torches work with any gas, you just need the proper tip for the gas you are using to cut with. But then thinking gets me into trouble ...

And since Airco is gone, what 3-party companies torch tips work well in an Airco cutting torch? I know of Goss, American Torch Tip and National Torch Tip, but I have no experience with them.

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Yes, and this applies to all the torch brands I know of.

Koike-Arronson and Concoa are the 2 companies that ended up with the Torches from Airco's liquidation. Other companies make compatible tips.

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Koike really just got all the track-burners and pattern cutters, and Concoa got the torches, but Koike needed to be able to sell the machine torches with their machines. Now they both sell hand torches based on Airco designs.

I believe all the patents ran out a while ago.

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