fillet welding

In my company they are using 4.8mm thickness saw wire for carbon steels, to get a circumferential fillet size of 6-10mm for a material thickness of 10-20mm. Wire feed is about 40-52 ipm Stick out 35-40mm Drift 25mm Voltage 32-35 V. Travel speed 17-20 ipm.

Due to this for a fillet size of 6 mm, we get about 7-8 mm fillet size and the penetration is about 3mm but we need the penetration is about

1.5mm only. Tell me some suggestion=85 Whether due high penetration in fillet welds any effects can occur. What can be done to reduce the penetration with out decrease in fillet size? Or I can increase the stick out to decrease the penetration. Or can I reduce the electrode diameter. Or to reduce the wire feed rate and voltage.
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