The weather here has been to die for, although a little wet. It's drying out now, and I'm getting set up finally. Got two cash jobs coming in tomorrow, one for an old pinball machine that is worth about $500. If I charged for the job, I would charge $250. Always wanted a pinball machine.

Got a list of honeydoos an arm long, and those are also progressing nicely. Mixer working, and footers and poles are in. Now to throw up the purlins, and deck, and I'll have shade and rain protection.

Several other small metal projects, and may do a large copper tooling range hood for the kitchen renovation. It's pure heaven when the temperature in the shop is within tolerance.

Got the big amp stereo in with MP3 player of thousands of songs, some great

250w. metal halide floods, some motion lights, and the extra receptacles where I wanted them. The davit crane hoist will be done in a couple of days, he one I brought down from the cabin.

May make a hydraulic cherry type large boulder lift similar to an engine puller to move some large rocks with my ATV.

I just FEEL like going out there and doing stuff when it isn't 115.


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