Flux Core Modes of Transfer

Will the flux-core mode of deposition be the same as a regular mig. There are bacially 4 types;

  1. Short Circuit

  1. Globular

  2. Spray Arc

  1. Pulsed-Spray.

I know my small Pro-Core 100(88amp max) doesnt handle pulsed and the spray arc is high voltage and amps and uses rich argon gas.

What mode would I get with it using flux wire. . I fig I must be getting the short circuit mode but am not sure.

I did notice that when I did the ss, there were definite globs of wire being injected into the weld puddle. Since I've switched back to Flux-core, it seems more like a sizzle and more like the arc welding sound. Frying bacon type sound.

Anyone knowledgable about flux-core welding?

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ok cence noone answered fulx core is like short circuit you my change the polarity of the machine to run flux core

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I won't claim to be an expert, but I do know flux-cored-wire does break into spray at low currents. It's one of its advantages.

The flux in the arc has electrical properties which causes this to be so. And there are / can be additives with electrical properties specifically for this reason.

Boehler Thyssen is very proud of their stainless flux-cored-wire and they showed us a chart of the low voltages and currents in which customers are getting spray (and with stainless FCW you can use Ar/CO2 mixes used for good welding with mild steel, so you get good penetration -- the flux/slag seems to protect the molten stainless from the CO2)

Don't know about that "gasless MIG" FCW, which has barium in it. 15 yrs ago I don't think anyone rightly knew why it worked and I don't know if anyone has worked it out yet. The arc length disappears to such a short length that whatever does go on is immersed under the slag, protected therefore from the atmosphere. Presumed to be some electrical property of the barium, I recall as being the speculation... Anyone want to stand us all better informed??? But anyway, "gasless MIG" is something else.

Richard Smith

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Richard Smith

Chopper - Yeah I did cahnge the polarity. Flux core is working fine.

Richard - thats interesting abt the wire. I read the miller GMAW book and didnt see any info abt FCW in there.

Thaks for the info.


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