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Hey guys,

I saw someone here on the group had made holders that allow one to hang a 8" or 4" grinder on this wall-mounted bracket and free up shelf space. I could not locate it in the dropbox. If this sparks a memory from any of you can you please let me know, I have two big 8" and 6 4" (All Dewalt if it matters for the bracket) I'd like to make some up and get them stored off the shelf.

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Rob Fraser

Fraser Competition Engines Chicago, IL.

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I have about 7 angle grinders with various tooling which changes around a lot. I keep them all on a scrap piece of 14" pipe that stands on end in my shop. I lift up the grinder, let its cord down into the middle of the pipe, set the grinder down inside the pipe and hang it neatly over the lip. True, it takes up a 14" square of floor area, but it also solves the problem of ALL THOSE CORDS.

Best solution I've tried yet.


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Grant Erwin

I've used some of those 'tool balancers' intended for air tools so the grinder retracts when not in use and hangs still pugged in ready for use. You need to ensure that the balancer is the sort with a ratchet otherwise it is tugging at you all the time.


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Andrew Mawson

IIRC, it was on someone's personal site which is now down. I can describe them for you, I think...

Take about a 4" wide strip of suitably heavysheet metal, maybe 16ga or so. Bend it into an offset bend, with one side of the offset having enough area and suitable holes for your preferred wall mounting. Depth of offset to clear guard. Other side of the offset is long enough so that when you cut/grind out a semicircle big enough for the grinder to rest in without sliding off, the guard doesn't quite touch the offset.

I drew up a quick sketch, it should show up as

formatting link
'd have done an ASCII sketch, but I'm not sure how that would've been mangled by posting from Google).

Hope that's what you were looking for. --Glenn Lyford

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That's the one! Thanks a million. I thought I was losing my mind. I appreciate you drawing it up- That is what I was looking for.

Many thanks,


Fraser Competition Engines Chicago, IL.

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